does hsa home warranty cover plumbing

They were rude to us.

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It is a fact that these companies are more likely to send substandard contractors.

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Needless to say this contractor is not qualified to service any AC units or even be in business period!I guess the contractors are only as good as the service provider i.

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only for big ticket items.

does hsa home warranty cover plumbing

Our AC broke 2. 5 weeks ago, service provider came out and charged us $100 for the service call and $80 worth of Freon. Well it all leaked out in a day. Service provider comes back and tells us we “are getting a new AC unit”. Told us HWA will call us in 2 3 days once it goes through the authorization department. IT HAS BEEN 2 WEEKS AND OUR CLAIM IS STILL SITTING IN THE AUTHORIZATION DEPARTMENT!We have been calling HWA to check on the claim for almost a week and all they tell us is they are still waiting for information from the service provider.

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” And the contractor was horrible.

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